Sergio Diazgranados Career Strategist


My name is Sergio Diazgranados and I am the founder of The Perfect Job.

For over 20 years I have been able to turn my passion into a 6-figure career without a high school diploma, college degree, special training, and zero connections.

But most importantly, I have created an authentic lifestyle that suits my personality (this is very important).

I have created a free Ebook called The Passion Formula: How To Discover Your Life & Career Path.



In our Life & Career Assessment Program, you will discover:

  1. 28 questions that will help you identify your passion
  2. The only 3 choices you can make in your life
  3. The 1 thing you must have to create success and be happy
  4. Why finding your passion could save your life
  5. The 2-step process to finding clarity

After you complete this program, you will know exactly what your passion is and the next steps you must take to build a happy and successful life.

After you answer the questions, send your answers to me via email at


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