Sergio Diazgranados Career Strategist

Yes Sergio!!!

I want to sign up for your 8-week Expert & Authority Branding program.

I understand that:

  1. You will provide me with eight 45-minute coaching sessions via phone and that each call will take place consecutively on the same day and time we agree upon
  2. You will provide me unlimited email access to you during these eight weeks
  3. You will build my website, manage my hosting, and design a logo
  4. You will send out a press release and get me into Google and Yahoo news
  5. You will get my website on page one of Google for my first and last name
  6. You will show me how to create authority content that will position me as an expert and that I am responsible for writing the content or paying one of your writers to do so
  7. You will show me how to promote my content on sites like CNN, Forbes, Fox, HuffingtonPost, and many other major news sites. I understand that I must pay for this promotion.
  8. You will show me how to become a guest author on major sites in my industry as well as major news sites
  9. You will show me how to manage my social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn but that I must do the work
  10. You will give me access to The Perfect Job System and LinkedIn course materials at no extra cost
  11. I must be willing to invest at least an extra $1000 into this endeavor to get the results I want to see
  12. I am responsible for taking action and doing the assignments you give me
  13. If I am not happy with the work you provide that you will buy it all back and that you can keep all of the materials you create and use it for another client
  14. If you are not satisfied with the work I am doing, that you reserve the right to fire me as a client and refund my money at any time
  15. The price for this investment is a one-time fee of $3997

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