Sergio Diazgranados Career Strategist

February 21, 2018
Dear Job Seeker In Ashburn,

Now that you have purchased my advanced cover letter technique, I have one question for you…

How is your resume?

Did you know that the hiring manager will only spend 6 seconds looking at your resume and that they are looking for 4 key elements before they even decide to read the rest?

If they cannot find these 4 elements quickly, they will discard your cover letter and resume submission into the “Black Hole” where it will never be seen again.

As a hiring manager, I can safely tell you that 95% of the resumes I have ever seen were awful.

What most job seekers fail to realize is that your resume is NOT just a “resume”.

It’s your sales page.

Every word on your resume must be treated as if it were gold and it needs to “check the box” of everything a company is looking for.

The biggest problem I have seen with so many resumes is that they either…

A. Don’t do a good job of conveying why you are the best person for the job


B. Write way too much which overwhelms the hiring managers eyes

And now with ATS resumes (Applicant Tracking Systems), you now have to format your resume in two separate ways and approach them much differently.

How would you like gain access to my Perfect Resume Tutorial where I will answer questions like:

1. What should I put on my resume?

2. What should I not put on my resume?

3. What is the goal of a resume?

4. What are companies really looking for?

5. What makes a resume stand out from other applicants?

6. Do I need a “fancy” design resume?

7. What is the best order of a resume?

8. How do I format an ATS resume?

In my Perfect Resume Tutorial I also…

A. Provide you two samples of my resume and break down every single component so you understand why I placed the information in the way I did so you can just model my example.

Once you see what I did and why I did it, all you will have to do is model my resume which will drastically improve your resume.

B. Give you the source files of my resume so you can use it as a template, cut and paste your copy in, and have a designer quickly modify it for you. I even provide you access to a graphic designer who will replicate my resume with your information for only $10.

C. Reveal three high level psychological triggers that will give you a huge unfair advantage over your competition. Once you use these techniques, you will easily stand out from everyone else.

For only $47, you can gain access to my Perfect Resume Tutorial

This means that for only $57 you could have a kick-ass resume without having to hire an expensive designer or writing service that would cost you hundreds of dollars.

Once you see how your resume should read and look, you will know exactly what to do and you won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get yours done.testimonial

And here is one more reason why getting my tutorial is important for you right now…

You will need to write multiple versions of your resume and format them each time. Do you really want to have to pay an expensive service each time to get that done?

Once you read my tutorial and gain access to my Perfect Resume Template, you can do it yourself and just spend a few bucks to hire a designer to make the tweaks for you.

After you learn my Perfect Resume strategy and copy the template, you will be that much closer from hearing those two magic words…”You’re Hired!


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