My Personal Story

Sergio Diazgranados Career Strategist

Growing up…

career coachMy dad was an abusive alcoholic who spent time in prison for dealing drugs and abandoned my family when I was eight years old.

The only lesson my dad ever tried to teach me about life was how I needed to become a doctor or lawyer so I could make a lot of money.

While my mom did the best she could with her secretary wages, she was always stressed about money and I knew at a young age going to college was not something she could help with. Because of this I developed some deep-rooted negative beliefs about finances and success, which took me many years to overcome.

My relatives were always arguing about money and could never “figure it out” as many of them were always job hopping and living paycheck to paycheck.

I grew up as a “troubled teen” who was forty pounds overweight, shy, depressed, surrounded by gang violence, had low self-esteem, and almost committed suicide.

I did horribly in school, had no idea what I was going to do with my life, and was very afraid of “the real world.”

I had a lot of self-doubt and did not think I was worthy of success.

But one day something happened that completely turned my life around…

I found my passion in music and became “activated”.

I went from being lost, confused, unconfident, and unmotivated…

To being filled with passion and purpose and having a lot of energy.

I will never forget the day when I was working some crummy dishwashing job and was presented an opportunity to work in the music industry. One thing led to another and for ten years I produced events and published a magazine in an industry I was really passionate about.

But one day I decided to leave the music industry and follow my next passion in personal development.

This was a big deal because I had no formal education or any connections in that industry. For most people, they would consider this suicide and crazy to change industries especially after I had worked so hard to make it to the top of the music industry.

But I took a leap of faith and followed my passion because I knew I would be miserable in the music industry.

One thing led to another and within 18 months I was working at Gaiam, the largest media company in the personal development space as their Publisher and Sales Director.

Here I was some young punk kid in jeans and flip flops with a corner office on Madison Ave in NYC making a high six-figure income without even a high school diploma.

I’ll never forget the day when I was hanging out with some friends who had all gone to prestigious schools like Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, Harvard, etc. and they asked me…

How did you do that? How in the hell were you able to get a high paying job without a degree?”

Simple” I replied.

I know how to play the game

Business Is A Game

What I have learned over the years is that business is just a game. And like any game, you need a strategy. You need to know how to:

A. Position & sell yourself and

B. Make moves at the right time

When you learn the psychology of how business works and what motivates people to want to hire you, you can go after any job you want and make a lot of money.

Want to learn how to play the game?

Stay tuned for upcoming emails from me where I will show you how.

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